Valencia Vistas Murphy Bed CA008







Valencia Vistas Murphy Bed CA008


Valencia Vistas Murphy Bed Collection


Inspired by the vibrant and picturesque views of Valencia, the Valencia Vistas Collection captures the essence of coastal elegance and modern living. With a harmonious blend of Haya Gala wood tones and refreshing accents in Aqua and Pizarra, this collection brings a piece of Valencia’s sunny landscapes and architectural marvels into your home.

Key Features:

Innovative Floating Desk: Features a sleek, space-saving design with an open shelf on one side and three drawers on the other, providing ample workspace and storage in a compact form. The desk floats elegantly off the ground, supported on one side, embodying the lightness and airiness of Valencia’s coastal breezes.
Versatile Wall Mount Storage: Includes a unit with a lift-up door and an open shelf, offering a smart storage solution that keeps essentials organized and accessible while contributing to the minimalist aesthetic of the collection.
Twin Size Murphy Bunk Bed Unit: A transformative piece that efficiently utilizes vertical space, featuring a twin-size bunk bed with integrated LED lighting and shelving for a blend of functionality and ambiance. The movable metal ladder adds flexibility and ease of access, enhancing the unit’s practicality.
Aesthetic and Practical Design: The Valencia Vistas Collection is characterized by its thoughtful blend of colors and materials, creating a serene yet dynamic environment suitable for both relaxation and productivity. The collection’s design not only maximizes space but also brings a touch of Valencia’s aesthetic charm into the bedroom.

The Valencia Vistas Collection is designed for those who cherish both form and function, offering a sophisticated solution to the challenges of modern living spaces. Whether it’s the multifunctional murphy bunk bed or the floating desk, each piece in the collection is crafted to transform your living environment into a versatile, stylish, and organized space. Inspired by the stunning vistas of Valencia, this collection is perfect for creating a tranquil retreat that echoes the city’s blend of traditional charm and contemporary design, making every day feel like a sunny escape to the Spanish coast.



Clean and Care recommendations

All cabinets are designed for indoor use, preventing weather conditions from deteriorating the furniture. The exposure temperatures must be between 0° and 50°.

Excess moisture can damage the product. To clean, it is recommended to use a damp cloth or recommended products for home furniture. Avoid corrosive products.

Blows, scratches, or punctures can damage the furniture, both in the visible areas and in the interior composition. Proper and responsible use of the product must be made, avoiding overloads on shelves, doors, and accessories.

It is recommended to screw the back(s) to the shelves.

The following table shows the maximum load, when it is punctual and centered, according to lengths:

* The drawers withstand a maximum punctual load of 5kg.



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