Reino del Arcoíris Teen Room IH028







Reino del Arcoíris Teen Room IH028


Reino del Arcoíris Youth Bedroom Collection


The Reino del Arcoíris Collection paints the youth bedroom in the vivid hues of a rainbow, with a base of Olmo complemented by accents in Azul Caribe, Blanco, and Lila. This collection is a testament to creativity and functionality, offering versatile furniture solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of growing children.

Key Features:

Dynamic Trundle Bed: A multifunctional trundle bed with storage, seamlessly blending sleep and organization. The bed’s design incorporates a high bed, a hidden middle S-shaped bed, and a set of three drawers, allowing for customizable height and storage capacity.
Corner Desk Integration: A spacious corner desk bridges the gap between the wardrobe and bed, enhancing continuity and providing ample space for study and leisure with a 90° desk concept and an L-shaped shelf above for additional distinction and storage.
Innovative Wardrobe Solutions: Features a two-door wardrobe with two bottom drawers for ample clothing storage. A built-in corner shelving unit and a thin side door wardrobe unit offer unique storage configurations, maximizing space utilization.
Wall-Mounted Shelving: Above-bed and desk shelving units in matching colors add functional display and storage space, keeping essentials within reach and the room organized.
Customizable Cube System: The Sistema Cube, floating above the compact bed section, invites personalization and imagination, providing additional capacity and style to the bedroom setup.
Collection Highlights:

The Reino del Arcoíris collection is designed with an understanding that a youth bedroom should be a place of comfort, imagination, and practicality. The compact bed system’s flexibility in height and storage options ensures that the room grows with its occupant, while the corner desk and cube system encourage creativity and personal expression. The wardrobe’s innovative design and the additional shelving solutions ensure that every item has its place, contributing to a well-organized and harmonious living space.


Embodying the spirit of endless possibilities, the Reino del Arcoíris Youth Bedroom Collection transforms any room into a vibrant sanctuary of creativity and order. This collection not only maximizes the available space with its smart storage solutions but also inspires with its colorful palette and customizable features. It’s a perfect blend of form and function, designed to cater to the diverse needs of young individuals while sparking joy and imagination in their daily lives.



Disclaimer: All Modekraft casegoods require professional assembly and are delivered in flat-pack boxes. Assembly services are available upon request, exclusively for customers in East Coast areas. Please contact us if you need assistance with assembly.

Clean and Care recommendations

All cabinets are designed for indoor use, preventing weather conditions from deteriorating the furniture. The exposure temperatures must be between 0° and 50°.

Excess moisture can damage the product. To clean, it is recommended to use a damp cloth or recommended products for home furniture. Avoid corrosive products.

Blows, scratches, or punctures can damage the furniture, both in the visible areas and in the interior composition. Proper and responsible use of the product must be made, avoiding overloads on shelves, doors, and accessories.

It is recommended to screw the back(s) to the shelves.

The following table shows the maximum load, when it is punctual and centered, according to lengths:

* The drawers withstand a maximum punctual load of 5kg.



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