Cáceres Cosmos Teen Room IH192







Cáceres Cosmos Teen Room IH192


Imbued with the serene hues of Azul Nube and the natural beauty of Pino Cervo, the Cáceres Cosmos collection embodies a universe of tranquility and functionality. This collection is a celestial ode to modern design, merging the expansive calm of the cosmos with the grounded, rustic charm of woodland aesthetics. Designed for dreamers who thrive in spaces that inspire serenity and productivity, Cáceres Cosmos transforms your room into a haven of peaceful retreat and creative exploration.

Twin Day Bed with Integrated Storage: Central to the Cáceres Cosmos collection, the twin day bed offers a sanctuary for rest amidst the stars, complemented by three spacious storage drawers beneath. This feature ensures a clutter-free space, allowing for the seamless organization of essentials while providing a cozy nook for daydreaming under the celestial-inspired theme of the collection.
Retractable Desk with Ample Storage: The retractable desk emerges as a versatile piece, offering a dynamic solution for study or work. With built-in storage, including two drawers, it caters to the needs of the cosmos explorer, ensuring tools and treasures are kept within arm’s reach. Its design maximizes space efficiency, allowing for an adaptable work environment that invites the flow of creativity and focus.
Elegant Wall Mount Shelf: Enhancing the celestial theme, the wall mount shelf serves as a display for your most cherished cosmos-inspired artifacts or books. Floating against the backdrop of your room, it adds a layer of sophistication and functionality, echoing the collection’s commitment to creating spaces that are both beautiful and practical.
Embrace the Serenity of Cáceres Cosmos

The Cáceres Cosmos collection is an invitation to infuse your living space with the calm of the night sky and the warmth of the earth. Each piece, from the multifunctional day bed to the innovative desk and the sleek shelf, is crafted with an eye for detail and a deep understanding of the need for balance between form and function.

With its soothing palette and smart design features, Cáceres Cosmos turns any room into a serene retreat, where every element is crafted to support a lifestyle of peace, creativity, and order. Let Cáceres Cosmos be the backdrop to your daily journey, creating a space that inspires tranquility, reflection, and infinite possibilities.

Navigate Your Space with Cáceres Cosmos

Welcome the essence of Cáceres Cosmos into your home and let it guide you through each day with ease and inspiration. Here, where the cosmos meets the comfort of home, create a sanctuary that resonates with the beauty of the universe, offering a peaceful retreat for rest, work, and exploration. With Cáceres Cosmos, every day is an opportunity to live amidst the stars, in harmony with the natural world.



Disclaimer: All Modekraft casegoods require professional assembly and are delivered in flat-pack boxes. Assembly services are available upon request, exclusively for customers in East Coast areas. Please contact us if you need assistance with assembly.

Clean and Care recommendations

All cabinets are designed for indoor use, preventing weather conditions from deteriorating the furniture. The exposure temperatures must be between 0° and 50°.

Excess moisture can damage the product. To clean, it is recommended to use a damp cloth or recommended products for home furniture. Avoid corrosive products.

Blows, scratches, or punctures can damage the furniture, both in the visible areas and in the interior composition. Proper and responsible use of the product must be made, avoiding overloads on shelves, doors, and accessories.

It is recommended to screw the back(s) to the shelves.

The following table shows the maximum load, when it is punctual and centered, according to lengths:

* The drawers withstand a maximum punctual load of 5kg.



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