Joven Jerez Teen Room IH187







Joven Jerez Teen Room IH187


Introducing the Joven Jerez collection, where the crisp purity of Blanco blends with the soft elegance of Gris Coco, the depth of Roble Azabache, and the fresh touch of Verde Nube. This collection is a modern ode to youthful spirit and sophisticated design, creating a vibrant yet serene space that encourages creativity, rest, and organization. Joven Jerez is crafted for the young at heart, offering sleek, functional pieces that bring together the best of contemporary aesthetics and practical living.

Trundle Day Bed with Smart Storage: The centerpiece, a trundle day bed, epitomizes the collection’s innovative approach to space-saving design. With two built-in storage drawers, it provides ample room for keeping essentials organized and out of sight. The bed’s versatile trundle feature offers an extra sleeping space for guests, making it perfect for sleepovers or family visits, all while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered look.
Ergonomic Wall Mount Shelf: Accentuating the room’s functionality, the wall mount shelf serves as a perfect spot for books, decorative items, or awards, embodying the collection’s blend of form and function. Its strategic placement and design maximize room space, adding to the collection’s streamlined aesthetic.
Innovative Double Wardrobe: The double wardrobe, with its unique rectangular handles arranged as a vertical smiley face, injects a playful yet sophisticated element into the room. Beyond its whimsical design, the wardrobe offers extensive storage capabilities, including a well-organized interior for clothing, accessories, and more, making it a standout piece that combines fun with utility.
Retractable Desk for Flexible Use: Complementing the collection, the retractable desk with additional storage and drawers embodies the essence of versatility. It provides a spacious work area that can be easily tucked away, creating more room for play or relaxation. The desk’s design, featuring the collection’s signature color palette, ensures that the workspace is both inspiring and functional.
Chic One Drawer Nightstand: Completing the set, the one-drawer nightstand offers a compact solution for bedside storage needs. Its design and color scheme harmonize with the rest of the collection, providing a convenient spot for nighttime essentials and integrating seamlessly into the youthful and dynamic aesthetic of Joven Jerez.
Embrace the Dynamic Elegance of Joven Jerez

The Joven Jerez collection is designed to inspire and organize, transforming any room into a haven of modern style and efficiency. Each piece, from the multifunctional day bed to the playful wardrobe and the versatile desk, reflects a commitment to creating spaces that support the diverse needs of young individuals.

With Joven Jerez, discover a world where design meets desire, space meets style, and every element invites you to live, learn, and dream in a space that’s uniquely yours. Let the Joven Jerez collection shape a room that’s as vibrant, adaptable, and full of potential as the young spirit it’s designed for.



Disclaimer: All Modekraft casegoods require professional assembly and are delivered in flat-pack boxes. Assembly services are available upon request, exclusively for customers in East Coast areas. Please contact us if you need assistance with assembly.

Clean and Care recommendations

All cabinets are designed for indoor use, preventing weather conditions from deteriorating the furniture. The exposure temperatures must be between 0° and 50°.

Excess moisture can damage the product. To clean, it is recommended to use a damp cloth or recommended products for home furniture. Avoid corrosive products.

Blows, scratches, or punctures can damage the furniture, both in the visible areas and in the interior composition. Proper and responsible use of the product must be made, avoiding overloads on shelves, doors, and accessories.

It is recommended to screw the back(s) to the shelves.

The following table shows the maximum load, when it is punctual and centered, according to lengths:

* The drawers withstand a maximum punctual load of 5kg.



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