Alvaro Storage Cabinet with 4 square doors ZD008









Alvaro Storage Cabinet with 4 square doors ZD008


Alvaro Collection


The Alvaro Collection showcases the graceful pairing of Haya Gala’s natural allure with a sophisticated palette of Blanco, Gris Claro, Gris Coco, and Mineral Grey. Standing on elegant black metal legs, this storage cabinet is a testament to modern minimalism and functionality, designed for those who seek to infuse their space with a touch of contemporary elegance and organized tranquility.

Key Features:

Streamlined Storage Cabinet: The Alvaro Collection’s cabinet is characterized by its four square doors, each representing a blend of the collection’s color palette. This design not only adds a visual appeal but also offers ample storage space for a variety of items, from linens and tableware to books and decorative objects.
Elegant Material and Color Contrast: The body’s Haya Gala hue sets a warm, natural foundation, contrasted beautifully by the fronts in Blanco, Gris Claro, Gris Coco, and Mineral Grey. This combination creates a visually striking piece that can stand as a focal point in any room.
Sleek Black Metal Legs: Elevating the cabinet both literally and stylistically, the black metal legs provide sturdy support while contributing to the piece’s modern silhouette. Their slim profile complements the cabinet’s clean lines, enhancing the overall minimalist aesthetic.
Versatile Functionality: Designed with versatility in mind, the Alvaro Collection’s storage cabinet can seamlessly integrate into various spaces within the home, from the living room and dining area to the bedroom or home office. It offers a stylish solution to storage needs without compromising on design.

The Alvaro Collection is for those who appreciate the beauty of minimalist design paired with practical functionality. Its carefully chosen color palette and streamlined form make it an ideal choice for contemporary interiors seeking a blend of style and substance. This collection’s storage cabinet not only serves as an organizational asset but also as a statement piece that reflects the refined taste of its owner, making the Alvaro Collection a perfect addition to modern homes.



Clean and Care recommendations

All cabinets are designed for indoor use, preventing weather conditions from deteriorating the furniture. The exposure temperatures must be between 0° and 50°.

Excess moisture can damage the product. To clean, it is recommended to use a damp cloth or recommended products for home furniture. Avoid corrosive products.

Blows, scratches, or punctures can damage the furniture, both in the visible areas and in the interior composition. Proper and responsible use of the product must be made, avoiding overloads on shelves, doors, and accessories.

It is recommended to screw the back(s) to the shelves.

The following table shows the maximum load, when it is punctual and centered, according to lengths:

* The drawers withstand a maximum punctual load of 5kg.



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